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In the Public Interest

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In the Public InterestIn the Public Interest

EyeOnThePost exists to serve the Public Interest. In a free and open democracy, citizens must be informed and kept current. Each citizen has the right - nay, the responsibility - to engage in issues of public policy, and to lobby for them, or as the framers of the Constitution said, to " petition the government for a redress of grievances." This bedrock inalienable right is cast asunder when The Washington Post fails to uphold its own Journalistic Code of Ethics. Biased news coverage results in a misinformed and ultimately uninformed public, which render American citizens unfit for actively engaging in the democratic process. In short, it helps to know what we are talking about when we propose and vote for legislation, and endorse candidates who talk about crime, welfare, education, national security, and foreign relations. It is in the Public Interest that The Washington Post get the story right. Since The Post has a had a hard time doing this, EyeOnThePost is here to help set the record straight.

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