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EyeOnThePost.Org operates under the corporate structure of EyeOnThePost, Inc. It was formed to conduct daily analysis of The Washington Post's news coverage of events in the Middle East and, in particular, to draw attention to ethical shortcomings in that news coverage. The founders and members of Eye On The Post count among themselves professionals in journalism, media relations, cognitive bias, statistical analysis, and the historical and political facts relevant to events in the Middle East. Eye On The Post is nonpartisan, and its goal is nothing more and nothing less than truthful and fair reporting on events in the Middle East.

Representatives of The Washington Post have in the past dismissed criticism of their own inaccurate and unbalanced reporting by contending that groups leveling that criticism are "biased,"  "misguided" or have their own agenda. Eye On The Post is not insensitive to efforts to portray its efforts as politically motivated, and we therefore always strive to be fair in our criticism. Despite those efforts, we cannot help but conclude time and again that the same level of sensitivity does not exist on the part of The Washington Post with regard to the fairness and accuracy of its reporting.

Eye On The Post exists to serve the public interest by continually challenging the integrity of the paper and by holding it to the same ethical standards to which it claims to adhere. The founders of this great nation felt strongly about a free and unfettered press, and the Constitution does not permit the passage of laws abridging that freedom. However, the Constitutional shield against the passage of legislation regulating the press was never intended to shield the press from the disrespect of its readers earned by irresponsible reporting. Our goal is to keep The Washington Post from continuing to earn the disrespect of its readers or, when that's not possible, to make sure that The Post's shortcomings draw the attention they deserve.

The efforts of BoycottThePost.Org produced written admissions from The Washington Post that the paper "frequently failed" to report on the true intentions of Hamas, and that the paper needed to pay more careful attention to words in reporting from Associated Press source material. Members of Eye On The Post have met with the publisher and foreign editor of The Post and engage in a regular correspondence with management at The Post.

Whether you are simply a reader, a subscriber, a media analyst, a journalist, part of the academic world, or a member of Congress, we welcome your interest in better understanding the news, the news behind the news, media bias, journalistic ethics, and the role the general public plays in insisting that The Washington Post get the story right. We welcome your support, because we have our Eye on the Post.

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