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The research and analysis of Eye On The Post are structured so as to measure and evaluate the reporting of The Washingon Post against journalistic ethical standards. We are rigorous in seeking to keep our own politics out of the equation, because accuracy and fairness is all we seek in The Post's reporting. After all, if only Washington Post reporters and editors would do the same, our raison d'etre would evaporate. There are some who argue that all reporting to some degree reflects the views of the reporter, but even if there is a kernel of truth to those arguments, it is not the minor, inadvertent or occasional seepage of opinion into factual reporting of which we complain. Rather, it is the constant and flagrant slanting of the news against Israel that has so many people aggrieved over the Post's Middle East reporting. As often as not, The Post makes little more than a pretense at objectivity, and that is shameful. That is why we exist, and that is why all readers concerned over the accuracy and fairness of news reports of events in the Middle East by The Washington Post are asked to support us in our efforts.