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The success of EyeOnThePost.Org in carrying out its mission is dependent on community involvement. The Washington Post has demonstrated in the past that it will not fulfill its responsibility to provide honest reporting unless the Community insists upon it.

EyeOnThePost.Org utilizes a number of methods to involve the community. We are a volunteer organization consisting of people in all walks of life, and we welcome community participation in our activities. Please let us know if you'd like to work with us.

For those working with us, we have an email listserv for active discussions. In the future we plan to launch an interactive bulletin board on this web site for active daily discussions of slanted or inaccurate reporting.

We send out periodic media alerts to members of the community who are following our activities, and we sometimes publish on this web site examples of letters from community members to The Washington Post expressing concern over individual instances of journalistic misfeasance.

Finally, we periodically sponsor community forums in which prominent community leaders speak out publically on issues pertinent to media bias.

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