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Anti-Israel Bias in the News

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Newspaper    Anti-Israel Bias in the News

Ben Wattenberg's Think Tank, PBS,
Interview with Marvin Kalb

May 11, 2002

[TRANSCRIPT] Ben Wattenberg: What do you think, on balance, of the coverage we’re
getting, just on that particular aspect of it? Which way is it tilting?

Marvin Kalb: In my judgment, my personal judgment, is that it is tilting
pro-Palestinian. And let me give you the evidence for that. When several
days ago, week or so ago....
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The Newshour with Jim Lehrer

July 3, 2002 (6:00 PM-EST)
Pressure Points
[TRANSCRIPT] TERENCE SMITH: Joining me now to further explore the reporting of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are CNN's chief news executive Eason Jordan; Alex Safian, associate director of CAMERA -- Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America; Ibrahim Hooper, communications director of CARE -- the Council on American Islamic Relations; and Martin Baron, the editor of the Boston Globe.

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Washington Post

Caught in the Crossfire
By Michael Getler, Ombudsman
May 5, 2002

The scope of this barrage raises an interesting question. Is it possible that so many major American news organizations are getting this story wrong; that some sort of national media conspiracy is at work here?

That, of course is not the case, and news organizations will persevere in reporting this story in an unflinching, unintimidated fashion that presents the news in the most accurate way possible for their entire readership.

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Washington Post

June 30, 2002
From the Readers' Mailbag
By Michael Getler, Ombudsman

...Some readers continued to find fault with The Post's continuing coverage from the Middle East...

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Washington Post

June 22, 2002
Universally Biased
By David L. Bernstein

Your paper and others across the country are being boycotted for negative coverage of Israel.  Is it possible, as Michael Getler asked rhetorically [ombudsman, June 9], that they could all be biased?

The answer, it seems to me, is a resounding yes.

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Washington Times

June 5, 2002
Lord of the Lies
By Mark Regev, Spokesperson, Embassy of Israel, Washington, DC
For as long as the press have been attempting report on current events, there has been a subsequent backlash of those who find this reporting slanted. Recently, a charged debate emerged regarding the alleged subjectivity of reporting on current events in the Middle East. In response to accusations of anti-Israel bias in the pages of The Washington Post, Ombudsman Michael Getler recently asked in his column "Is it possible that so many major American news organizations are getting this story wrong?" New York Times reporter Frank Rich similarly noted that complaints concerning pro-Palestinian bias in major American media are "so indiscriminate that the indictment seems the mirror image of the Palestinians' charge that their case has been distorted by the pro-Israeli slant of America's 'Jewish controlled' media."

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The Washington Post

May 18, 2002
Examine Your Bias
By Eric Rozenman, Executive Editor of B'nai B'rith's International Jewish Monthly.
In five recent columns [March 10, 24; April 21; May 5, 12] ombudsman Michael Getler has alluded to or directly confronted allegations of pro-Palestinian bias in your paper's reporting.  While acknowledging occasional shortcomings, he quotes your paper's assistant managing editor for foreign news, who declares the coverage "as fair and balanced as we can make it."

Here's another opinion: guilty of imbalance and bias by omission...

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The Daily Camera

April 28, 2002
U.S. news media under fire in Mideast conflict
By David Shaw Los Angeles Times

"Major Jewish organizations and other supporters of Israel in the United States have increasingly bombarded newspapers in recent weeks with charges of biased reporting on hostilities in the Mideast."

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April 19, 2002
Washington Post" Bias Against Israel
by Joel Mowbray
In the lead of a Page 1, above-the-fold story, the Washington Post stunningly announced that Israeli forces were pulling out of two "conquered" West Bank towns. Conquered?

[Read more at http://www.townhall.com/columnists/joelmowbray/jm20020419.shtml or here]

The Washington Post

The Language of Terrorism
Michael Getler,

Some readers complain regularly that Post news coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle is biased against Israel. One enduring example, they say, is the description of people or organizations that carry out or sponsor suicide bombings as "militants" rather than "terrorists," the term these readers view as more accurate and descriptive.

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The Washington Post

Eric Rozenman

Getler says your use of "terrorist" and "militant" follows your paper's internal stylebook. Well, your stylebook needs an overhaul. According to Getler, good journalism as outlined in the stylebook avoids "labels" such as "terrorism" and "terrorist" in favor of "more informative and precise" language. But camouflaging terrorists as militants and avoiding information about why the United States identifies Hamas, Palestine Islamic Jihad and others as terrorist organizations amounts to subjective labeling and imprecise generalization.

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