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For years, long time readers of The Washington Post have complained in vain to the paper of record in the nation's capital about its poorly researched and agenda driven reporting.

EyeOnThePost.Org, the operating name for Eye On The Post, Inc., was formed as a result of The Washington Post's skewed coverage of news in the Middle East. The catalyst was The Washington Post's false reporting of a massacre in Jenin by the Israeli Defense Forces following the Passover bombings in April, 2002. Palestinians, aided by reporters looking for ... indeed hoping for ... a story of mass atrocities committed by Israel's military, fabricated a web of lies. Not only did all of these false news articles prove to have been lies, but the truth that eventually seeped out was that Israel's defense forces went out of their way to spare civilian lives at a substantial cost of an excessive loss of their own lives. The Post never effectively apologized, and it never adequately reported the humanitarian measures actually taken by the IDF to avoid excessive loss of Palestinian civilian lives.

The founders and members of Eye On The Post count among themselves professionals in journalism, media relations, cognitive bias, statistical analysis, and the historical and political facts relevant to events in the Middle East. Not one member of Eye On The Post ever anticipated one day becoming a news content analyst and media critic. The need for regular and substantive media analysis and critique, however, was universally recognized as very much needed right here in this town, and better not left to media watch groups across the country focused on every media outlet.

EyeOnThePost, Inc. is a non-profit, educational corporation operating under the names Eye On The Post, Inc. and EyeOnThePost.Org . Many of the organizers were active with BoycottThePost.org, a grass roots effort that seized on the collective displeasure of the community with The Washington Post's reporting and sought to convey that displeasure to The Post through a temporary subscription stoppage. Eye On The Post, however, has taken its educational activities to a new level, employing not only subscription suspensions, but a number of different methods to bring to the Community and The Washington Post its message that accuracy, fairness and truth in reporting is essential to the well being of a free, intelligent and well informed society.

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